San Antonio Phrases

San Antonio’s vernacular is shaped by its many cultural influences. We’ve rounded up some truly puro San Antonio phrases that might come in handy as you navigate the city and work on fitting in with the locals. And yes, puro is a Spanish word used to describe something quintessentially San Antonian.

Remember the Alamo
You must know this key phrase when visiting San Antonio. Mission San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo) was the city’s first settlement in 1718 and the location for the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, where many Texans lives were lost. “Remember the Alamo” was the rally cry for the battle at San Jacinto, where Texas achieved its independence from Mexico.

Show Me Your Shoes
Show Me Your Shoes

Show Me Your Shoes
If you attend a Fiesta Battle of Flowers parade, you’ll likely hear someone yell, “Show me your shoes!” It’s parade tradition for the crowd to encourage the float queens to kick up their heels and how their bedazzled footwear, whether it’s bedazzled flip flops or neon wedges.

Here Everything’s Better
The slogan for San Antonio’s go-to grocery stores H-E-B, which specializes in its private-label items, fresh products and has a focuses on sustainability and recycling. However, the H-E-B actually stands for the founder’s son—Howard E. Butt.

Icehouses might sound impossible in the Texas heat, but we’re not talking about literal houses made from ice. Icehouses are rooted deep in San Antonio’s culture and were originally locations where people could pick up ice for their iceboxes, and eventually they became convenient spots to pick up groceries. Now, icehouses have become local neighborhood drinking spots, where you can grab a cold one with your friends and family.