New ILD and COPD Virtual Patient Tours debut at CHEST 2021

Sandra G. Adams, MD, MS, FCCP
Sandra G. Adams, MD, MS, FCCP

Walk in a patient’s shoes and understand their challenges and concerns through Virtual Patient Tours (VPTs) available exclusively to CHEST 2021 registrants.

During these tours, expert faculty will guide you through real-life cases, including videos of patients. In addition to new VPTs on interstitial lung disease (ILD) and COPD, existing VPTs on inhaler and nebulizer devices and severe asthma can be accessed through the CHEST 2021 online meeting platform.

You Make the Call: Which ILD Does This Patient Have and How Should It Be Managed?

This new VPT, developed by CHEST in partnership with the WipeDiseases Foundation (WDF), allows health care professionals to explore the history, physical examination, and labs and studies of five patients with various types of ILD. Three of the cases focus solely on diagnosis, and two of the cases are expanded to include treatment and management of ILD.

Participants are led through the cases by President and Founder of the WipeDiseases Foundation Sandra G. Adams, MD, MS, FCCP, Professor of Medicine in the Pulmonary/Critical Care Division of UT Health in San Antonio, Texas; and Anoop M. Nambiar, MD, FCCP, Associate Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Interstitial Lung Disease at UT Health.

“While working through the full cases, participants are challenged to select appropriate management strategies,” Dr. Adams said. “If the optimal options are not selected, feedback is provided, and the participant gets to see what would happen to the patient with suboptimal management choices.”

Similar to “choose your own adventure” activities, Dr. Adams said the progression of the case can follow different paths depending on the choices made by the participant, allowing them to see the results of their selections.

“This VPT is a fun and realistic way to assess and manage patients with ILD and make choices that do not cause clinical harm to any patient and may help participants avoid those types of suboptimal choices in real life,” Dr. Adams said.

You Make the Call: Which ILD Does This Patient Have and How Should It Be Managed? is supported in part by an independent medical education grant from Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

COPD Unmet Needs – The Patient Perspective

Matthew Hegewald, MD, FCCP
Matthew Hegewald, MD, FCCP

Hear directly from a patient on how they cope with unmet medical needs regarding their COPD management. This new VPT will help clinicians provide individualized, clinically supported, guideline-based patient care, drawing from the GOLD Report for COPD, according to Matthew Hegewald, MD, FCCP, Professor of Medicine, Intermountain Healthcare and the University of Utah, and lead faculty for the VPT.

“In this Virtual Patient Tour, we introduce a case, then we actually transition to the patient’s home where we really focus on the patient’s perspective of their symptoms, their activities, and their limitations,” Dr. Hegewald said. “This is a real-life patient, and the participants get to experience their challenges and the way that the disease affects their lives. We discuss evaluation and management steps to maximize symptom improvement and minimize complications using evidence-based practices.”

COPD Unmet Needs – The Patient Perspective is a non-promotional, non-CME disease state educational program brought to you by CHEST in collaboration with and paid for by GSK.




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