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Whether you’re looking to earn CME credits or sharpen your skills in an area of your practice, CHEST e-Learning provides the resources to meet your need. CHEST e-Learning offers the latest coursework in easily accessible modules. Earn credits and learn on your own schedule.

You can find the full list of e-Learning options at chestnet.org.

Critical Care Ultrasonography: Module 1 – Principles of Ultrasonography: Machine Controls and Scanning Techniques
Learn the best practices in critical ultrasonography with this e-Learning course. Complete this course to earn 1 CME credit and MOC point.

Certificate of Completion Critical Care Ultrasound Portfolio and Exam Fee
The online portfolio and final examination fee for the Certificate of Completion program in Critical Care Ultrasound are a combined purchase.

Critical Care Ultrasonography: Module 2 – Thoracic Ultrasonography: Pleura
Learn the latest best practices in critical ultrasonography with this e-Learning course, which provides an overview of critical care thoracic ultrasonography: pleura. Earn 1 CME credit and 1 MOC point with the successful completion of this course.

Small Bore Chest Tube Skills
Learn a step-by-step approach to the placement of a chest tube using a guidewire-based technique and applying a standardized five-point checklist. Complete the interactive module, which includes a video procedure demonstration, a PDF checklist, a pretest, and a posttest to earn 0.5 CME credit and MOC point.

Tunneled Indwelling Pleural Catheter (TIPC) Checklist
Master tunneled indwelling pleural catheter (TIPC) with this interactive module and a checklist. Complete this module, which includes a pretest and posttest assessment and earn 0.5 CME credit and MOC point.

Bedside Ultrasound in Critical Care CAE Online
Supplement, strengthen, and refine your CHEST ultrasound coursework by participating in this intensive online education series.

Antithrombotic Guideline: Acute VTE Treatment
This e-Learning module provides the opportunity to earn CME and MOC while learning key areas in new guidelines for antithrombotic therapy for Venous Thromboembolism (VTE).

Cough Guidelines: Occupational & Environmental Factors
Learn about key areas in the new guidelines for Occupational and Environmental Contributions to Chronic Cough in Adults. This e-Learning course includes three self-directed modules using illustrative clinical cases. Complete this course to earn 1.5 CME credits and MOC hours.

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