Daily News Boston CHEST 2024

October 6-9, 2024

CHEST honors Distinguished Educators of 2021

CHEST is pleased to announce the 2021 Distinguished CHEST Educators (DCEs). These individuals have shown great commitment, involvement, and leadership in CHEST education programs and activities.

DCE recipients represent the top 4% of CHEST’s international faculty and are recognized for their achievements and long-term contributions to the design and delivery of CHEST education. DCEs are selected on a yearly basis, based on the past 3 years of CHEST educational activities. It is a 1-year designation and can be received multiple times.

This year, we recognize the faculty who provided the chest medicine community with up-to-date education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their hard work and dedication over the past year deserve to be recognized. We are truly grateful for all faculty who advance CHEST as a leader in clinical education.

Sandra Adams, MD, MS, FCCP

Doreen Addrizzo-Harris, MD, FCCP

Muhammad Adrish, MD, MBA, FCCP

Abhinav Agrawal, MD

Ritwick Agrawal, MD, MS, FCCP

Jason Akulian, MD, FCCP

Raed Alalawi, MD, FCCP

J. Shirine Allam, MD, FCCP

Robert Anderson, APRN-BC

Christine Argento, MD, FCCP

David Bell, MD, FCCP

Hassan Bencheqroun, MD, FCCP

Michel Boivin, MD, FCCP

Jean Bourbeau, MD, MS

David Bowton, MD, FCCP

Kevin Brown, MD, FCCP

John Buckley, MD, MPH, FCCP

Sean Callahan, MD

Michelle Cao, DO, FCCP

Brian Carlin, MD

Christopher Carroll, MD, FCCP

Roberto Casal, MD

Mary Cataletto, MD, FCCP

June Chae, MD

Subani Chandra, MD, FCCP

Ching-Fei Chang, MD

Alexander Chen, MD

George Zhi Cheng, MD, PhD, FCCP

Matthew Churpek, MD, PhD

Neala Cline, RN

Jacob Collen, MD, FCCP

Nancy Collop, MD, Master FCCP

Basak Coruh, MD, FCCP

Clayton Cowl, MD, MS, FCCP

Angel Coz Yataco, MD, FCCP

Carolyn D’Ambrosio, MD, FCCP

Bhavinkumar Dalal, MD, FCCP

Mauricio Danckers, MD, FCCP

Neha Dangayach, MD

Aneesa Das, MD, FCCP

John Davies, RRT, MA, FCCP

Zachary DePew, MD, FCCP

Amanda Dexter, RRT, MSc

Daniel Dilling, MD, FCCP

Kevin Doerschug, MD, MS, FCCP

Kevin Dushay, MD, FCCP

Eric Edell, MD, FCCP

Jean Elwing, MD, FCCP

William Enfinger

Saadia Faiz, MD, FCCP

David Feller-Kopman, MD, FCCP

Mark Fenton, MD, MSc, FCCP

Jason Filopei, MD

Neil Freedman, MD, FCCP


Laura Kathleen Frye, MD

Thomas Fuhrman, MD, MS, FCCP

John Gaillard, MD, FCCP

Alice Gallo De Moraes, MD

De De Gardner, RRT, DrPh, FCCP

Colin Gillespie, MD

Anne Gonzalez, MD, FCCP

Yonatan Greenstein, MD, FCCP

Maritza Groth, MD, FCCP

Keith Guevarra, DO, FCCP

Joshua Hamilton, MD, FCCP

Nicola Hanania, MD, MS, FCCP

Demondes Haynes, MD, FCCP

Matthew Hegewald, MD, FCCP

Steven Hollenberg, MD, FCCP

Aaron Holley, MD, FCCP

Candace Huebert, MD, FCCP

Robert Hyzy, MD, FCCP

David Janz, MD

Shahrokh Javaheri, MD, FCCP

Laura Johnson, MD, FCCP

Carl Kaplan, MD, FCCP

Viren Kaul, MD, FCCP

William Kelly, MD, FCCP

Cassie Kennedy, MD, FCCP

Holly Keyt, MD, FCCP

Roozehra Khan, DO, FCCP

Sandhya Khurana, MD, FCCP

Andrew Klein, MS, RRT-ACCS

Seth Koenig, MD, FCCP

Monica Kraft, MD, FCCP

Karol Kremens, MD, FCCP

Patricia Kritek, MD, FCCP

Sunita Kumar, MD, MBBS, FCCP

Chitra Lal, MD, MBBS, FCCP

Carla Lamb, MD, FCCP

Janna Landsperger, APRN-BC, FCCP

Mark Lavercombe, MBBS, FCCP

Hans Lee, MD, FCCP

Melissa Lesko, DO, FCCP

Deborah Jo Levine, MD, MS, FCCP

Stephanie Levine, MD, FCCP

Holger Link, MD

Kenneth Lyn-Kew, MD

Michael Machuzak, MD, FCCP

Neil MacIntyre, MD, FCCP

Donald Mahler, MD, FCCP

Kamran Mahmood, MD, MPH

Fabien Maldonado, MD, FCCP

Atul Malhotra, MD, FCCP

Darcy Marciniuk, MD, Master FCCP

Gregory Marler, DNP, ACNP, FCCP

Diego Maselli Caceres, MD, FCCP

Stephen Mathai, MD, MHS, FCCP

Ryan Maves, MD, FCCP

Paul Mayo, MD, FCCP

Henry Mayo-Malasky, MD

Peter Mazzone, MD, MPH, FCCP

Hiren Mehta, MD, FCCP

Jonathan Mendelson, MD

Matthew Miles, MD, MEd, FCCP

Taro Minami, MD, FCCP

Lisa Moores, MD, FCCP

Amy Morris, MD, FCCP

John Mullon, MD, FCCP

Septimiu Murgu, MD, FCCP

Mangala Narasimhan, DO, FCCP

Darlene Nelson, MD, FCCP

Alexander Niven, MD, FCCP

Kevin O’Neil, MD, MHA, FCCP

Erik Osborn, MD

Daniel Ouellette, MD, MS, FCCP

Howard Panitch, MD, FCCP

Nicholas Pastis, MD, FCCP

Paru Patrawalla, MD, FCCP

Cheryl Paulson, RRT, MEd

Jay Peters, MD, FCCP

Margaret Pisani, MD, MPH, FCCP

Jason Poston, MD

Whitney Prince, MD, FCCP

Craig Rackley, MD, FCCP

Navitha Ramesh, MD, MBBS, FCCP

Suhail Raoof, MBBS, Master FCCP

Mary Jane Reed, MD, FCCP

Cristina Reichner, MD, FCCP

Marcos Restrepo, MD, PhD, FCCP

Todd Rice, MD, FCCP

Otis Rickman, DO, FCCP

Roy Ridgeway

M. Patricia Rivera, MD, FCCP

Linda Rogers, MD, FCCP

Bernard Roth, MD, FCCP

Ashutosh Sachdeva, MBBS, FCCP

Sandeep Sahay, MD, FCCP

Anthony Saleh, MD, FCCP

Pralay Sarkar, MBBS, FCCP

Lewis Satterwhite, MD, FCCP

Harald Sauthoff, MD

Gregory Schmidt, MD, FCCP

Mary Beth Scholand, MD

David Schulman, MD, MPH, FCCP

Brady Scott, PhD, RRT, FCCP

Nneka Sederstrom, PhD, MA, FCCP

Bernardo Selim, MD, FCCP

Curtis Sessler, MD, FCCP

Sonali Sethi, MD, FCCP

Rakesh Shah, MD, FCCP

Shahid Sheikh, MD, FCCP

Ariel Shiloh, MD

Samira Shojaee, MD, MPH, FCCP

Marcos Silva Restrepo

Gerard Silvestri, MD, MS, FCCP

Steven Simpson, MD, FCCP

Jaspal Singh, MD, FCCP

Joshua Smith, MD, FCCP

Amik Sodhi, MBBS, FCCP

Susan Stempek, PA-C, MS, FCCP

Paul Stillwell, MD, FCCP

Mary Strek, MD, FCCP

William Stringer, MD, FCCP

Eleanor Summerhill, MD, FCCP

Salim Surani, MD, MSc, FCCP

Nichole Tanner, MD, MS, FCCP

Lynn Tanoue, MD, FCCP

Sarah Tapyrik, MD, FCCP

Victor Test, MD, FCCP

Lauren Tobias, MD

Arthur Tokarczyk, MD, FCCP

James Town, MD

Adey Tsegaye, MD, FCCP

Saiprakash Venkateshiah, MD, FCCP

Momen Wahidi, MD, MBA, FCCP

Tyler Weiss, RRT-ACCS, MSc

Troy Wilson, AAS

Gretchen Winter, MD

Lisa Wolfe, MD, FCCP

Henry Yaggi, MD

Lonny Yarmus, DO, MBA, FCCP

Kazuhiro Yasufuku, MD, PhD, FCCP

Natalie Yip, MD

David Zielinski, MD, FCCP




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