CHEST 2021 features interactive ways to compete and connect

Time and attention are at a premium in today’s world, so CHEST’s educational opportunities are leveling up, offering CHEST 2021 attendees more ways than ever to connect with each other and engage with the most recent and relevant topics in their fields.

“There are a lot of extrinsic factors that can demotivate or distract a learner,” said CHEST Game-Based Learning Manager Christina Lorenzo, MS. “This is especially the case for those working in a clinical space. There are a lot of time constraints to your learning.”

Planned with busy clinicians in mind, CHEST 2021 builds on a well-established tradition of engaging, immersive, and entertaining experiences.


CHEST 2021 brings an expanded lineup of games to the CHEST Player Hub, which will be the online home for the knowledge-test experiences that attendees have come to expect.

“Games for our clinician membership are in our DNA, and we take a lot of pride in creating them,” Lorenzo said. “We’ve been doing them for nearly 2 decades, and, each year, we bring more—more games, more opportunities to win, and more topics.”

Around 20 games will be part of the online arcade for CHEST 2021, including a handful of new games on topics such as COVID-19, severe asthma, and COPD.

“We have been listening to our learners and creating games around the topic areas that are important to them,” Lorenzo said, noting that a new survey raffle inside the online platform will give players another way to provide feedback and win prizes.

The usual bite-sized experiences—5- to 10-minute games that are perfect for short breaks between sessions or quick on-the-go play—will include new Dr. Neb scenarios, detective experiences, and Jeopardy! games tied to the Women & Pulmonary initiative.

Virtual escape rooms will also debut on the CHEST Player Hub. These 15- to 20-minute puzzles will include a single-player version of the space-themed “First Contact” and a new escape room called “The Ascent,” which drops players into a windy mountainside mystery.

All games will be on-demand, 24/7, through the annual meeting platform, and daily competitions will offer attendees a chance to climb the leaderboard and earn prizes. The CHEST Player Hub is also available year-round at, so players can challenge their peers, increase their scores, and rack up achievements long after the meeting.

There are opportunities for all attendees to test their knowledge, Lorenzo said, even if they don’t consider themselves a traditional “gamer.”

“When it comes to game-based learning, it’s kind of flipping that didactic model on its head,” she said. “It’s not going in to hear a lecture, taking notes and going home to study. Instead, it’s really learning through play. And, you don’t even realize you’re learning as you play.”


David Schulman, MD, MPH, FCCP
David Schulman, MD, MPH, FCCP

When it came time to design a session for CHEST’s annual meeting, David Schulman, MD, MPH, FCCP, thought about the kind of presentation that he would want to attend.

“I want to listen to friends talking with each other and joking around with each other. To me, that’s interesting,” Dr. Schulman said. “I enjoy that more than a bunch of folks speaking for 5 to 10 minutes each.”

He hopes his Pardon the Interruption sessions hit the sweet spot for debating—part information and part entertainment, or as he puts it, “a huge range of critical care content, with a smattering of sass.”

The sessions, now in their fourth year at the annual meeting, place Dr. Schulman opposite three colleagues in a rapid-fire conversation about clinical challenges in critical care. Each speaker has a minute to present their expert opinions and data before Dr. Schulman scores their answers. Much like the line of ESPN discussion shows that the session is modeled after, topical knowledge and rhetorical flair both factor into the final score.

Pardon the Interruption was previously a one-and-done session that covered about 15 topics. For CHEST 2021, it will expand its engaging brand of infotainment to touch on as many as 40 topics over three sessions on consecutive days—Sunday, October 17, from 8:00 am to 9:05 am CT; Monday, October 18, from 9:15 am to 10:20 am CT; and Tuesday, October 19, from 11:15 am to 12:20 pm CT. Winners from Sunday and Monday will face off on Tuesday in a playoff alongside the champion from CHEST 2020’s session, Kristin Burkart, MD, MS, FCCP.

Some of the topics might be familiar to attendees, as Dr. Schulman plans to let people propose talking points over social media before the meeting.

He also is adding a short debrief period to each session, which will bring in another content expert to review the most interesting conversations and controversies that arise.

“While the debate is entertaining, the quickness with which you have to handle each topic doesn’t really allow an in-depth discussion,” Dr. Schulman said. “So this debrief that we’ll be trying to do after the session allows us to take a deeper dive on the topics that the audience may find of interest.”


New Featured CHEST Games:

  • The Asthma Ascent
  • CC Doc, Help Me Sort It!
  • Defeat COVID-19
  • Dr. Neb (Scenario 5)
  • First Contact – Escape Room
  • ILD Diagnosis Detective (Cases 7-9)
  • Moderate-Severe Asthma Detective
  • Pulmonary Diseases in Non-Pregnant Women Jeopardy!
  • Pulmonary Diseases in Pregnant Women Jeopardy

CHEST Games:

  • Airway Clearance Jeopardy!
  • Critical Care Trivia for RTs
  • COPDetective
  • Dr. Neb (Scenarios 1-4)
  • Flu Match for Clinicians
  • Game of Nodules
  • ILD Diagnosis Detective (Cases 1-3)
  • PAH Jeopardy!
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis Jumper
  • Treasure CHEST
  • You Snooze, You Win!

CHEST Chase:

CHEST Game-Based Learning Team, in collaboration with this year’s annual meeting chairs, are debuting a mission-based scavenger hunt designed to get you involved in the annual meeting platform and special events. Show off your clinical team spirit and share your personal creativity. Simply download the GooseChase app on your mobile device (Apple App Store or Google Play Store), create a profile, and use the code ‘CHESTCHASE’ or search for ‘CHEST Chase’ to join the game.

CHEST Live Game Breaks

The CHEST Game-Based Learning team and esteemed faculty will be hosting a series of live games throughout the four days of the annual meeting to break up the day of back-to-back sessions with some fun! Live game breaks include CHEST Conquest on Monday, Nodal Nemesis and First Contact – Escape Room on Tuesday, and CHEST Conquest on Wednesday. Find full descriptions on the meeting platform.

Learn more about all the CHEST 2021 games and chances to win prizes at the Games page on the meeting platform.




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