Daily News Boston CHEST 2024

October 6-9, 2024

CHEST 2019 Attendee Profile: Janna Landsperger, APRN-BC

Janna Landsperger, APRN-BC

Nurse Practitioner, MICU, 
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

CHEST 2019

Co-Chair Critical Skills for Critical Care

Live Learning Subcommittee Member


St. Louis, MO


Nashville, TN

This is the first time the CHEST Annual Meeting has taken place in New Orleans since 1997. What were you doing in that year?

In 1997, I was in high school! I was probably listening to the debut 98˚ album.

If you could arrange a one-on-one mentor session with one presenter, who would it be and why?

Ruth Kleinpell. She is an amazing leader for advanced practice providers working in critical care.

Do you think your pet knows you’re away from home? What is its name?

I do not have a pet, but I have two young sons who definitely know that mama is away.

How did you get your start in the critical care field?

I started working in critical care when I was in my first year of nursing school. I got a job in the ICU as a care partner and was immediately drawn to critical care. After I finished nursing school, I worked in the ICU as an RN while attending NP school. So it was only natural that when I graduated NP school, I continued working in the ICU.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Spend time with my family—taking bike rides with my sons, visiting live music venues around Nashville, and vacationing at the beach

What do you enjoy most about the CHEST Annual Meeting?

Seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and the live learning opportunities

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter in the critical care profession?

I am not on any social media, but if I was, I’d follow Todd Rice!

What is your favorite thing about New Orleans and your favorite Cajun or Creole dish?

The music in New Orleans is amazing! And I love crawfish étouffée.