CHEST 2018 Speaker Spotlight: Yonatan Greenstein, MD, FCCP

Yonatan Greenstein, MD, FCCP
Yonatan Greenstein, MD, FCCP

Meet the Authors: 2018 Highlights from the Journal CHEST® on Sunday

Please summarize your session in a tweet:
Two HOT articles recently published in CHEST® will be presented by each author and followed by a lively discussion with audience participation encouraged!

How did you develop a passion for pulmonology/sleep medicine/critical care?
Over the course medical school and residency, I met a lot of pulmonary and critical care physicians that I could relate to, and it was easy to envision myself going into the field. I was drawn to broad scope of practice and to the acuity of patients cared for. I especially like that your practice can vary quite a bit throughout the year to prevent things from getting routine.

What’s your best method for preparing for your presentation?
I spend a fair amount of time thinking about and visualizing the session prior to preparing the actual presentation. In this case, I will be a chair/moderator, so my job is to facilitate an interesting and lively discussion. This requires being intimately familiar with the research and the controversy surrounding it.

Who has had the biggest impact on your professional life and why?
That is a very easy question for me to answer. I was fortunate to stumble into a research opportunity with Dr. Paul Mayo when I was a medical student transitioning from first year to second year. I didn’t know anything about pulmonary and critical care medicine or about critical care ultrasonography at the time, but after spending a summer with Dr. Mayo and his fellows, I was inexorably drawn to the field. He is an incredible mentor who works hard to develop the skillsets of those that he trains, and I am forever grateful for his teaching and for the opportunities that he has given me.

What do you hope to see while you’re visiting San Antonio?
I’ve never been to San Antonio, and there is so much that interests me. Highlights that I am going to try to squeeze into this busy CHEST conference is a visit to the old Pearl Brewery location, which has been turned into a large space with much to offer. I plan on sipping some delicious craft beer and getting a bite to eat at one of the restaurants. I would also love to sneak off to the Natural Bridge Caverns to go caving and maybe hang out on their adventure course.

Your most indispensable tool in San Antonio:
I am definitely a gadget person, but for CHEST conferences, I like to travel light, so I will be relying on my android cell phone and my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

Most memorable career moment:
It’s been a privilege to teach critical care ultrasonography at CHEST conferences and at the global headquarters. Working with the wonderful faculty that take time away from their work and families to be a part of an important educational experience is extremely satisfying.

Number of steps you think you’ll take at CHEST 2018:
I’m going to guess > 50,000. It depends on how many craft breweries I can make time for!